Summer Palace 1st League game

Palace,Our first league game for the 2010-11 season is scheduled for this coming saturday, 11th September. We are playing a new team: Lao Hu Internazionale (or maybe this is just the re-branded version of Italy FC??).The venue is Chaoyang Stadium (On Yaojiayuan Road) and time of kick off is 2PM. Please be on the pitch well in advance (1:30 PM at the latest) so that we can warm-up as a team.Who is available?Reply ASAPPatrickPS: don’t forget the training session, tomorrow (wednesday) at 9:45pm at the Lido (Side Gongyuan)

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  1. It’s a good to start the season with a three nil win! Let’s keep it up. City also won their match today vs Azurri five nil.For those that weren’t at Luga’s for post match drinks / banter, we had about 10 back after the game which was a good effort, and an important part of the social aspect of our club. It’s also good to have some WaG’s along in support, something which definitely should be encouragedPatrick won Man of the Match with 4 votes for his defensive stability and distribution while Amir got the Donkey for the missed chances. Gabriel drank the celebratory B52 on behalf of Patrick (who was driving) in style. Jan came a close second in MoM stakes with 3 votes for a commanding role in the second half (and travelling all the way from Geneva).A few team photos. I didn’t know Adam was a legless dwarf legoman?!Cheers,PikeyForbidden City FCand squadForbidden City FC

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