New Tracksuits – ready tonight

Citizens,the new tracksuits are ready and we’ll distribute them starting from tonight. They are good quality Umbro tracksuits and the style is similar to the ones we ordered a couple of years ago, only this time it’s red top and blue bottoms.We ordered 30 tracksuits and they are 300 RMB each, which is possible through sponsorship by Luga’s Villa Mexican Restaurant in Sanlitun.Tracksuits will be handed out against cash only, no credit available. Different sizes are available. First come, first serve.The following 13 players made the effort to reply to an email asking about interest in tracksuits in September and we have reserved one for them:Alex Henderson,Glen Royce, James McKay, Jason Dorey, Jochen Tenhagen, Luca Merlone, Patrik Wilkens, Pere Torrens, Philippe Healey, Rafael Peinado, Ryan Wegner, Simon Ross, Stefan Hase-BergenSee you tonight,Jochen

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