G3: Summer Palace vs Azzurri, Sunday 16th October


After a lengthy break we are resuming our league campaign this coming Sunday, 16th October, against the Italians from Azzurri. This should be a tough game.
Kick off is scheduled at 2 PM at the Lido (=Side Gongyuan). Who is available?

Please reply as soon as possible and remember to attend training tomorrow, wednesday12th 8-10pm at the Lido. Attending training is the main criterion for selection for the weekend game.


PS: we had 3 volunteers for writing the match reports: Aaron Thio, Lee Russell and Ian Crouch. So we can expect some entertaining reading after our next game. Pikey’s idea to ask the MOM or Donkey of the match to write the match report sounded good but unfortunately I have to say that a past attend to implement this idea had failed so I would rather have a volunteer (who does not need to be the same every week as we have several candidates).

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