FCFC Xmas Party – Saturday, 3 December


The date for the FCFC Christmas party is finally confirmed:

When: Saturday, 3 December 2011 from 8pm
Where: Luga’s Villa in Sanlitun

There were quite a few people who said that 10th or 16th wasn’t ideal, so we decided to choose an earlier date. There is no league game that weekend so everyone can go all in (though Palace still has a match on 11th).

We still have to confirm details with Luga’s, but expect beers, jugs of rum/coke and gin/tonic, buffet, Christmas carols from the manager-captain choir, boat races, etc. Not sure about puking on the pants since local hero Jimbo McKay is back in UK, but there’ll be contestants…

Put in in your calendar and be there.
Ho ho ho.

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  1. Good date, nice and early.

    When you say ‘everyone can go all in though Palace still has a match on 11th’ .. are you expecting the hangover to last 8 days??!!

    Welsh-Corsican-French-Bazza male choir – I’m not sure I like the sound of that.


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