FCFC new season 2011-12: what you need to know

Dear Citizens,

Following our massive celebrations at the end of last season when Forbidden City won the Premier League and Summer Palace won the First Division, it’s time to get prepared to defend our titles in the coming season 2011-12.

Trainings started a few weeks ago, the 5’s kicked off again and we’ve played a few matches and tournaments already. Now the 11-a-side competition is about to kick off. Therefore, we’d like to update returning and new players about some organizational issues regarding playing football for Forbidden City FC in Beijing:

1) Team organization
2) Training
3) IFFC League and Cup
4) IFFC player registration 2010-11
5) Match and training fees
6) Kit
7) Sponsorship

Team organization

An amateur football team like FCFC can only be fun and successful if everyone contributes to making it fun and successful. The entire organization (dealing with the league, coaching, training, party organization, etc.) is based on voluntary contributions by a number of team members stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility. All the cash you pay to play football goes towards paying for the pitch we train on, fees for the league we play in, equipment (footballs, cones, bibs, etc), parties, etc. No one in FCFC receives any financial benefits from organizing football for you. This means that people need to understand that FCFC is not a gym where you pay to be pampered. Instead, you should ask yourself what you can do to support, be it helping to organize parties (starting with Season Opening Party in mid September) or writing match reports for website or else.


We train every Wednesday from 8-10pm (until December) at the football pitch in Side Park close to the Lido. Map is here:

IFFC League and Cup

Competitive football starts again next weekend with the first round of the IFFC Cup. Summer Palace will play the Chaoyang Park Rangers on Sunday (28 Aug, 4pm). More details to follow. Forbidden City has a bye for the first round. The second round of the Cup takes place on 3/4 September 2011.

The League competition kicks off on 17/18 September 2011. City will play in Premier League and Palace will play in First Division.

For more information about the IFFC League, click here:

One more point: If you say you can play, please do show up in order to avoid giving headaches to team management on the day.  It’s also good practice to show up for matches on time in order to warm up together and talk tactics. It’s disappointing to see people arrive 10min before kick-offs, or not even show up at all.

IFFC player registration 2010-11

For returning players

For those who have already played with us in previous seasons and who are registered with FCFC in the IFFC and who have a player pass we will need to collect a 100RMB IFFC registration fee.

For new players

The IFFC League requires the following from every player who participates in the league: completed league registration form, 2 passport photos, copy of passport, and 100RMB fee.

As usual, you can only play in the IFFC competition if you are properly registered.

FYI: the registration fees go to the league not FCFC.

Match and training fees

Training fee is 30RMB for workers and 20RMB for students and non-workers. This money pays for renting the training pitch.

As in previous years, and providing that league fees stay the same this year, match fees are 80RMB for workers and 40RMB for students and non-workers (half price if you play less than 45min). This money is used to pay IFFC league match fees of 850RMB (last year) for every game.


Last season we got a new kit for our club. Both City and Palace wear the colors of the Forbidden City (yellow and red). Kits include short, shorts and socks. Every player who plays in the IFFC League needs to wear this kit. The kit is sold at cost and available for 200RMB each. Contact Jason Dorey for kit.

Open for suggestions

If you notice something that can be improved organization-wise, please let us know. You can talk to Philippe (City Manager), Barrie (City Captain), Patrick (Palace Manager), Ben (Palace Captain), Jason (finance) or myself.


We are still looking for sponsors to support us in the coming season. Playing football in Beijing is not cheap and the cost of running both teams, including training, matches, equipment, registrations and all, adds up. If you know of companies or if your company is interested in supporting an amateur football team in Beijing, please let us know; we have different sponsorship proposals for different purposes.

If you have questions or comments, please let us know.
Let’s have a cracking season on and off the pitch.

See you soon!
Forbidden City FC

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