FCFC 3-1 French LE

LEAGUE MATCH – 28th October 2007Dear Players,Well done for this weekend picking up 6 points for the club in difficult circumstances and being short on numbers. It was top work by City this weekend. From past experience in football, teams can often be made or broken when put into a situation like we faced on Sunday. I’m glad to say that everyone out there on the field battled hard and really worked unselfishly for each other. Its great to see true belief out there in peoples eyes, no matter what needs to be accomplished. I’m glad to see everyone was very positive and had the mental strength that we need to see again next week against Afrika where everyone has to believe we are better than them. So lets take it easy the night before so we can focus on the game properly.The club was short of players this week, but because of this we have a couple of new faces around with those coming back as well, this will mean its going to be harder to get into the team. So this will mean that players going training will be far more likely to play matches when the decision is close. Get yourself training, I will be taking it and it will be plenty fun.ThanksJames MckayManager FCFC

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