FCFC 2-1 Fortuna

LEAGUE MATCH – 11th November 2007A scrappy game overall. Fortuna went ahead with an early goal after a poor FCFC free kick was given straight back to them and the counter attack caught the City defence off guard and a sleeping keeper. Fortuna weren’t fielding their strongest squad and at times City seemed unsure the best way to utilise the extra time on the ball in midfield. After a spell of good play young Luis found the back of the net to the delights of the team and supporters, especially his father and two sisters. In the second half City played with more determination and aggression but couldn’t find the net. Partly because there were too many offsides (legitimate and over-eager linesman) and some tough decisions going against FCFC. If only the forwards had fallen, the pen may have been awarded. However when Adam came on after 60 mins he did the trick in the box and Luca slotted home to make it 2:1. At the other end of the pitch keeper Jason saved a penalty to redeem himself after Alex ‘the blade’ slid in with both feet, a grinding tackle not seen performed with such grace and timing since Div2 days. Forbidden City now took control and played some more flowing football and could string passes together through midfield. On at least one occasion Adam and Pikey teamed up well down the right side and after successive one-two’s Adam crossed the ball from the deep corner into the box and Pikey came close to scoring with his head in the last few minutes of the game. Peep peep, final score 2:1 to vault Forbidden City back to the top spot on the table.[TABLE=16] [TABLE=17]

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