Join FCFC now!

Do you want play football (soccer) in Beijing? With two 11-a-side teams, regular training and midweek 5-a-side matches, we’ll find a place for you.

Want to play football and join the FCFC family? You can email us at forbiddencityfc or contact our club manager directly on wechat by scanning the QR code below.

While we do enjoy our football and play to a relatively decent standard, we are a club focused on fun and the finer points of Beijing life. If you are moving to Beijing or currently live in Beijing and want to play for Forbidden City FC, then join us and play football (soccer) in China.

Joining FCFC means competitive football all year round, a cracking social scene and the closest thing you’ll have to family during your stay in Beijing.

Get in touch now and play football with us in Beijing.

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